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What is a threaded rod?

Quite a few items can be called Threaded Rod or Double End Thread Rod. What we are discussing here is a double end threaded rod that has a non threaded part in the middle, where it will be bent into a horseshoe form. These are procured through distributors or direct via the maker to flex into U bolts.

Threaded rods are generally roll threaded, for strength considerations and also with regard to cost issues. It truly is much faster to roll thread, thus cutting down the price of this commodity item. Cut threading normally takes longer and weakens this product since it is taking off metal. Rolling threading takes a slightly reduced diameter rod and pushes steel up to form the top of the thread. This will make for a stronger part and has far more surface area interaction in between the exterior thread of a rod and the inside thread of the mating high-nut. Rods are equipped with chamfered ends to start the nut readily for installation. Generally bars below ¾” will not likely be supplied containing chamfers seeing that you'll find fewer complications with getting the hardware started off on the small sized bars.

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